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High Intensity Discharge (HID) System is a state of art xenon lighting solution for improved car performance.
HID system ensures brighter, whiter light, stretching for meters ahead of the car, ensuring improved clarity of vision in comparison to halogen lighting systems, making driving less tiring in the evening and at night and therefore safer.

Advantage of this System

  1. Energy Saving - Normal Halogen Headlight use 60Watt lamp, but under the work of ballast, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlight just use 35-Watt lamp, thereby largely reducing load of electricity for car
  2. Improved Safety- Practice has proved that over 69% traffic accidents caused by automobile are begotten by bad visual field. Our HID lighting system offers more comfortable, wider, clear vision, and helps you to dispel the potential safety hazard hidden in darkness
  3. High Strength- The light exported is three times as much as the halogen light. The lighting area is three times as large as that of the halogen light
  4. Longer life- The life of product is up to more than 3000 hours, 8 times more long-lived than the halogen light
  5. More comfortable feel- HID lamps produce up to 4500kw light, close to sunshine of noon. Its bright white light makes you feel more comfortable at night. This light produced is of a much shorter wavelength than the yellow light produced by halogen bulbs, giving a much sharper and deeper view into the road, particularly effective in poor weather conditions
  6. Fashionable- HID system gives your headlamps a stylish and top-quality appearance

Working Principal

  • When a voltage of 23,000 Volts is applied across the HID gas capsule, it initiates an arc of ionized Xenon gas, which heats the enclosed metallic salts to vaporization point. Once vaporization of the salts has occurred, then the HID capsule produces its full light output



Control Box

  Bright White Light


Comparison with Traditional Halogen Lamp

  HID System Halogen Lamp Remarks
Power used 35 W 55 W Use only half power
Steady State Output 3200 lm 1000 lm 300% more bright
Service Life 3000 Hr 280 Hr 10 times longer life
Output temperature 4200-6000 K, White 2400-3000 K, Yellow  
Operating Temperature -40c to 105c N.A  

Technical Parameter

  • Input Voltage: 9-18 V
  • Input Current: 3.5 A
  • Output Voltage: 68-102 V
  • Output Power scope: 32-38 W
  • Lighting Fire pulse voltage: 23 KV
  • Working Temperature: -40 C to 70 C
  • Stocking Temperature: -40C to 105 C
  • Start up current (Peak Value): <20 A
  • Temperature: <30 C
  • MTBF: 10000 H
  • Start up time: In 0.8 sec reaches 20% specified luminous flux; and in 4 sec specified flux
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