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Five Buttons design
  • Open door/engine
  • Close door/engine
  • Open the boot
  • Enable Alarm System (Optional)
  • Disable Alarm System (Optional)

Working Principal

  1. Auto mode: The door will automatically opens/closes, when user approaches car within 5 meters or moves away from the car
  2. Non Auto mode: Open/Close button functions to access the Car
  3. A reserved output control line is driving the engine lock system into enable/disable status
  4. Career frequency used: 315 MHz for USA market & 433 MHz for other markets
  5. Effective remote distance: 10 meters
  6. Auto mode can be enabled or disabled by user
  7. Remote transmitter is powered by CR2032 battery cell, the battery life is one year in auto mode and three years without auto mode
  8. A LED flash indicator will prompt for battery replacement, when the battery reaches low level
  9. A beep sound will generate to prompt complete action after door opens or closes
  10. An output control pin, which is connected to the car indicator lamp, will generate a flash pattern to remote action is completed
  11. Door unlock code is refreshed every operation to avoid same code on different car, and increases security


  1. Remote Dongle (Transmitter)
  2. Receiver Box mounted on engine chamber

Passive key Les Entry


Key Less Remote dongle


Technical Parameter
Radiated Emission
  • IEC CISPR 25
  • GM9114P

  • Radiated Immunity
  • IEC61000-4-21
  • ISO11452-2

  • Transient Immunity
  • ISO7637-2.3
  • ISO7637-3

  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • ISO10605
  • Operation temperature
  • -20 to 85 deg C

  • Operation humidity
  • 15% to 99% RH

  • Storage humidity
  • 5% to 99% RH
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